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Football (35)
Ncaaf div I-A (21)
NFL (14)
Soccer (79)
Argentina Primera B Nacional - Monday, November 29Th (1)
Argentina Primera B Nacional - Sunday, November 28Th (1)
Argentina Superliga - Monday, November 29Th (4)
Argentina Superliga - Tuesday, November 30Th (1)
Brazil Serie A - Monday, November 29Th (1)
Brazil Serie A - Tuesday, November 30Th (3)
Brazil Serie A - Wednesday, December 1St (1)
Bulgaria Parva Liga - Monday, November 29Th (1)
Bulgaria Parva Liga - Tuesday, November 30Th (2)
Cyprus 1St Division - Monday, November 29Th (1)
Denmark Superliga - Monday, November 29Th (1)
England Championship - Monday, November 29Th (1)
England Premier League - Thursday, December 2Nd (2)
England Premier League - Tuesday, November 30Th (2)
England Premier League - Wednesday, December 1St (6)
England Vanarama National League - Tuesday, November 30Th (1)
France Ligue 1 - Wednesday, December 1St (9)
Israel Premier League - Tuesday, November 30Th (3)
Italy Serie A - Thursday, December 2Nd (2)
Italy Serie A - Tuesday, November 30Th (4)
Italy Serie A - Wednesday, December 1St (4)
Italy Serie B - Monday, November 29Th (1)
Italy Serie B - Tuesday, November 30Th (6)
Major League Soccer - Tuesday, November 30Th (1)
Portugal Primeira Liga - Monday, November 29Th (1)
Portugal Primeira Liga - Tuesday, November 30Th (1)
Russia Premier League - Monday, November 29Th (2)
Scotland Premiership - Tuesday, November 30Th (1)
Serbia Super Liga - Monday, November 29Th (2)
Slovakia Superliga - Monday, November 29Th (1)
Spain La Liga - Friday, December 3Rd (1)
Spain La Liga - Monday, November 29Th (1)
Spain La Liga - Wednesday, December 1St (1)
Spain Segunda Division - Monday, November 29Th (1)
Sweden Allsvenskan - Monday, November 29Th (3)
Turkey Super Lig - Monday, November 29Th (1)
Ukraine Premier League - Monday, November 29Th (1)
Uruguay Primera Division - Monday, November 29Th (1)
Uruguay Primera Division - Tuesday, November 30Th (2)
Basketball (33)
NBA (12)
Hockey (37)
Czech Republic Extraliga (7)
Denmark Superisligaen (3)
NHL (4)
Russia KHL (10)
Sweden Shl (7)
Switzerland Nla (6)
Boxing (58)
Boxing (58)
esports (72)
Counter-Strike (43)
Dota 2 (15)
King of Glory (6)
League of Legends (2)
StarCraft 2 (6)









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Online football betting 

If you long to know about online football betting and want to get involved in it, then you have come to the befitting place. We will be letting you know of the basics of sports betting on football to ensure that you are on the right path from the moment you place your first bet. 

How to bet on football 

Unless you know how to bet on football, your knowledge concerning the technical football betting rules and other aspects is a mere wastage. For instance, you always need to stay in the loop and always be watchful of the things happening in American football. The bettors must stay updated about the players and the teams to come across better bets. 

Another idea to bear in mind is to trust your judgments and not believe whatever you hear. You simply need to keep calm and stay alert throughout betting. 

The Football betting odds 

Be it tennis or any sport; you firstly need to appraise yourself of the betting odds concerning it. It becomes easier for you to navigate the risks by understanding football betting odds than anything else. 

There are three popular forms of odds used in American football. 

  • Decimal odds 
  • Fractional odds 
  • American odds 

Out of all these formats, the most comfortable is the decimal odds. It is because calculations and predictions become way too easy than the other two odds. But it will be unfair to emphasize only decimal odds and neglect the other two. Partly information can turn out to be dangerous. In addition to this, not knowing these odds can push you towards making dangerous predictions. 

What does over/ under mean in football betting? 

By over/under betting, we mean the total number of points scored by both the teams in the contest. The totals can range from the upper 30s to the low 80s, and these are a lot more stable than others. Consequently, you'll be placing the bet on whether the total points scored by the teams will go over or under that number. 


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