How To Understand and Calculate Sports Odds

How To Understand and Calculate Sports Odds

Posted on 03 Sep 2021 | Category: Betting Tips | Author: BetAdrian

Understanding sports odds: what are they? 

If you are willing to place a bet on the upcoming match but lack the know-how to do so, then we have got you covered. We will help you in understanding sport betting in-depth. 

Firstly, you have to make out what odds mean and which bets are worth the risk or not. You'll come to know about all this in the sections below. 

Secondly, you need to apprise yourself about the diverse formats in which odds are depicted. The different formats used for the odds are as follows: 

  • American ( plus/minus )
  • Decimal odds 
  • Fractional odds 

It's quite easy to learn each of these formats, and we'll show you this in the upcoming sections below. 

Lastly, with the help of odds, you can calculate the implied probability of a given outcome in sporting events. 

After understanding how do odds work, you'll easily come to know the best offering you the best payouts and the money you need to wager. 

What are American, decimal, and fractional odds?

Usually, the sportsbooks will display the odds either in American, decimal, or fractional formats. Moreover, the odds serve two purposes: 

1. At first, they depict the implied probability of an outcome to which they are attached. 

2. Secondly, they also indicate the amount of money you could win by betting on that outcome. 

But one should not rely completely on odds only as there are chances of an event occurring, especially when evaluating the probability. Some factors influence the odds more than anything else. 

Some sportsbooks try their best to manipulate the odds to incentivize the bets on a certain side. As the sportsbook takes a cut baked directly onto the odds, the sum of probabilities for a single event will always surpass 100 percent. 

By looking at odds, you will also come to know how much the bookmakers charge for your bet. 

How to read American odds in sports betting? 

If you are also wondering- how to read sports odds, you have come to the right place. The plus and minus signs on the sports betting line indicate whether the bet is placed on the favorite or underdog. 

The negative numbers on the betting line indicate the favorite. In other words, how much one needs to bet to win the odds also depicts a certain amount. 


The positive number indicates betting on the underdog. Along with this, it will also signify the amount of money you can win if you bet a certain amount. 

Usually, all the popular wagers, including the point spread bets, will witness both sides with negative odds. But when you are betting on the spread, you need to risk more than you profit as the point spread levels the playing field between two sides. Understanding sport betting odds will become easy for you this way. 

How to calculate my bet with American odds

Using the formula mentioned below, you can very easily calculate the potential winnings for any value you want. 

If you go about placing a $40 bet on Pittsburgh (-130), your equation will seem like this: 


  • You need to cross multiply, and you will get 130x=4000. Then find the value of x. 
  • x= 4000/130
  • x= 30.77

It means you will win $30.77 if you bet $40 on Pittsburgh. Consequently, the payout will be $70.77, which will comprise your original bet plus your winnings. 

Calculating implied probability with American odds 

The implied probability is suggested by the odds and refers to the possibility of a certain outcome. If you need to figure it out, then convert the odds to the percentage, and this percentage will tell you whether the event will happen or the alternative. 

Implied probability is useful to find the estimate of an event. If your estimate comes out to be different from the sportsbooks, you should adjust your bet accordingly. 

If one team has a 60% chance of winning and its implied probability is 52.4%, it will be a smart bet. 

The implied probability of the outcomes of the game is usually above 100%. In betting terms, it is known as overground. If you convert the odds to a percentage, then it will also include the vig. Above all, if you want a more accurate picture of what oddsmakers expect in the game, it is necessary to remove the vig from the betting lines. 

If you want to calculate the implied probability, then you can make use of this formula: 

Risk/Return = implied probability 

Ever wondered what this would look like with American odds. Let us start with positive odds, as they are the easiest to work with. 

You can use this formula with positive odds:


If you want to calculate the implied probability of winning the game in Ottava's case, you can do so by using the same formula. But you cannot use this formula for Pittsburgh because they possess negative odds. Let us witness Ottava's odds by putting it into the formula: 

So, according to the bookmaker, Ottava has a 47.6% chance of winning. One should place this bet if one thinks their chances of winning are more. 

How do negative odds differ? 

One should not get confused by all the brackets and parentheses. Their sole purpose is to flip the sign on the negative US odds. Here's the formula for the same: 


It gets even simpler when you tend to use actual numbers. Using the above example, you can calculate the Pittsburgh implied probability of winning the game. But as Ottava has positive odds, you cannot use this formula for this. 

According to the bookmaker, Pittsburgh has a 56.5% chance of winning the game.

Decimal odds in sports betting explained. 

Without any doubt, decimal odds are the most popular type of odds around the world. These are advantageous as compared to the American odds in two terms. It is much easier to convert these to probabilities. Once you become familiar with these, they become more intuitive. 


Calculating winnings with decimal odds 

You can very easily determine your payout with the decimal odds. You simply need to multiply your wager by the odds concerning the team on which you are betting. You need to subtract the original wager from the payout to calculate the winnings. Let us have a look: 


Calculating implied probability 

By calculating the implied probability, you can determine if the wager is worth the risk or not. Using the following formula, you can make out this: 

How do you understand odds in sports betting with fractional odds? 

Some bettors like to bet on a horse in the Breeder's cup classic. 

Bettors open up their app and see strange-looking figures like 8/3 or ½. In this situation, how can you calculate the odds? It is pretty simple if you ask us. 

The number on the left side indicates how many times the oddsmaker expects the related outcome to fail. Contrary to it, the number on the right side indicates the number of times the outcome should succeed. 

Ever wondered what this means for your pocketbook? 

Calculating payouts 

If it is fractional betting, then calculating your payout is quite easy. You need to multiply your bet with the numerator and then divide the number by the denominator. 

For instance, if you go about placing a $50 bet on 8/3 odds, the calculation will look like this: 

(50 x 8) / 3 = $133.33 ( a total of $183.33 coming your way ). 

But if you place a $50 bet on the ½ odds, then the calculation will be as follows: 

( 50 x 1 ) / 2 = $ 25 ( a total of $75 in your pocket. 

Calculating implied probability

It is much easier to figure out the implied probability for the fractional bets. For instance, your choice of the horse has 8/3 odds on him. It means that your horse is expected to win eight times out of 11 races. 

You will get your implied probability by dividing the number of times he is expected to win by the number of races on the roster. The implied probability for the same will be 8/11 = 72.7%. 

But always keep one thing in mind that whenever you are calculating the odds, be it American, decimal, or fractional, it will always come out to be more than 100% when you add together the outcomes. This is what we term as vig or the cut. 

What is push? 

Every bettor needs to learn about the concept known as a push along with the odds in sports betting. A push can directly affect your payout, but more than that, push only happens when there is a tie. 

Some games allow the final games to be a tie. If this is the case, then you can bet on a tie as the outcome. But some people mistake push to be betting on the Moneyline, but it is not so. Your whole money will be refunded when a tie happens. 

You can easily be successful with sports betting as it is a unique form of paid entertainment. But if you want this to happen, try to familiarize yourself with the betting odds and their kinds. 

If you place more informed bets, then you'll have an insight into your chances of winning. Consequently, you'll have a betting chance of winning money from the bet. 

You can take the help of the calculators for the betting odds given in the sportsbook. Doing so will ensure that you have calculated it accurately. Besides this, it will help you in understanding sports betting by practicing this. 

Ready to find some favorable odds? 

Now, you must have enough information to become an expert in reading sports odds, so get out and win some money. Usually, the informed bettors are the sharp bettors as not all sports are created equal. If you want to know how to bet on sports before laying down your first wager, then check out our comprehensive guide for the same. 


When betting on Alvarez, the underdog, the potential winnings will be higher. But keep this thing in mind that there is a reason that they are known as underdogs, be its rookie season, recent injury, or serious competition. If you bet on the underdogs, it means less risk, which will pave the way for you to win more money. 

But contrary to it, if you bet on the favorite, Golovkin, you need to risk more to get the same winnings. This way, it will be easy for you understanding sport betting odds. 



Important Six Factors While Choosing Betting Site

Important Six Factors While Choosing Betting Site

Posted on 16 Jul 2021 | Category: Betting Tips | Author: BetAdrian

Are you also considering trying your luck with online betting? If yes, you need to pay heed to many factors before you finally opt for a betting site. Many people feel that merely choosing the right game and team will help them win the game, but there’s more to it. So it is essential to select the right online betting site. Choosing the right betting site out of so many sites can be hard for the bettors. 

Here are the five factors you need to consider when choosing an online sports betting platform to avoid losing money on betting and choose the best betting site

1. Trustworthiness 

The foremost significant factor to take into account while betting is to find a trustworthy place to bet. The majority of the betting sites are safe to gamble, but you need to ensure that they can be trusted and relied upon as the best betting site. When you come across a trusted website, it’s less likely to run into any scam issues that can endanger your account balance. 

If you are unfamiliar with sports betting and wondering where to check out, sign in on the most trusted and best betting site

2. Promotions and Offers 

As a bettor, you should thoroughly stay updated about the numerous promotions and other valid offers. All the betting sites are involved in the competition and try their level best to come up with the best promotions and bonuses to attract people. This serves to be an effective method for both the sites and the people. Consequently, always hunt for the best offers to bet as this will encourage you to perform better in online sports betting sites

3. User Reviews 

A look at the reviews is all it takes to establish a sound and legit platform. But here, you’ll also come to know about other people’s opinions about some specific platforms. The online sports betting sites and platforms which are genuine will have many reviews. For the platform to become a reliable one, the reviews must be positive. Besides this, you’ll also get to know whether to pursue betting with the platform or not. 

4. Banking Options 

One should go with such a betting site that would allow the bettor to deposit the funds through various ways, as most sites allow for credit cards only. As a result, opt for the one that has got many options to do so. For depositing and withdrawing money, different amounts are charged. On all the sites, the costs are different. Consequently, go with the site that offers you fewer charges to not reduce your returns. 

5. Competitive Odds 

Many people get cheated as far as betting odds are concerned. By saying that the odds are good, they are not given proper advertising rates, and then they feel deceived. So whatever site you choose, make sure to check the competitive odds there first and then decide whether to go with it or not. Everyone must notice and recognize the best values. Consequently, having an account with the bookmaker who realizes the significance of small margins is essential. The astonishing thing to do here is to place small bets to know if the bookmaker is a decent one or not. 

6. In-play/ Live Betting

Many sites now permit you to place bets after a match or race has begun. Not only this, but the betting sites will also offer you shorter or longer odds, but it will be decided by how a match or event is unfolding. If you rate a betting site for live betting, it comes down to various competitions open for betting. Also, how good the odds are in the play matters over here. 


If one site is suitable for you, it doesn’t mean that the other person will also find it suitable enough. It depends on your personal choices. It is not possible that one betting site seems ideal as all bookmakers are not good at every aspect of betting like a casino, poker play, and boxing. Consequently, prioritize and then opt for the best betting site

Top Golf DFS Picks For The 2021 Travelers Championship

Top Golf DFS Picks For The 2021 Travelers Championship

Posted on 30 Jun 2021 | Category: Betting Tips | Author: BetAdrian

If you are wondering about the lull in the week directly following the major, forget about it. Many sites whose lobby is filled with golf DFS picks, and all of these have six figures in the line. 

If you are also among the crowd hunting for fantasy golf advice and wish to submit a few lineups, you have come to the right place. After getting in-depth into the betting markets, evaluating salaries and projections, look at the top traveler's championship golf DFS picks in 2021. 

DFS picks 2021 

Here are some of the top golf DFS picks for the 2021 travelers championship. Have a glance at them to have an insight into the game. 

Patrick Cantlay- $10,400

Patrick Cantlay opened with 67-60 to secure a four-stroke lead at the halfway point. At that time, he was just a 19-year-old amateur. The striking thing about it is that it happened where Cantlay has produced back-to-back top 15 finishes. This time, it took place at TPC river highlands. 

Back in time, Patrick has shot in the 60s 11 times in 12 tries, and it took place in the 2018 edition. Cantlay got back on the track after a sketchy stretch in the middle of the spring, victory at jack's place, and good performance at the US Open. As evidenced by Patrick gaining 6.99 strokes on and around the greens at Torrey Pines, he gets more comfortable with his mallet-style putter. 

Kevin Streelman- $9,400

What will we call Kevin Streelman's recent track record at his venue if Cantlay breaking 70 in 11 of the last 12 rounds contested at TPC river highlands is impressive? Let's go with superior. 

Kevin has shot in the 60s in 14 straight rounds at his golf course, and in the last four years, he has finished 8th-33-15-2. Besides this, he closed with 64-64 to win the 2014 travelers championship. 

He also birdied the seven holes in regulation to edge Sergio Garcia and K.J Choi by a shot. And on the top of the layout, Dukie's recent form has been somewhat inspiring. There have been five straight starts as the 8th at the PGA championship and 15th at the US Open. 

Matthew Wolff- $9,300

It seems a foolish act coughing up $9,300 for a 22-year-old who is among the top 25 in 2021 on the surface. However, the idea is rather captivating if you lift the hood and do a bit of digging. The two primary weapons of Matthew were clicking at Torrey Pines as they rested and recharged for a big summer ahead. The Wolff's stacked up with the group when it came to efficiency on the greens among the five players who ended the week with at least four strokes off the tee. 

Matthew led the field in birdies, and one should not forget that he is third on the PGA tour in eagles. But, of course, with risk comes a big reward, so there is always some boost or bust attached. Without any doubt, Wolffie is one of the top DFS picks for the Travelers Championship, especially in GPPs. 

Brandt Snedeker- $7,200

If you are looking for the sleeper's picks this week for the traveler's championship, then I am on the Sneds. But, do many people wonder if $7200 feels too low for nine-time PGA tour winners who are surging late?

There are many ways in which Brandt has demonstrated his ability to go low. Since 2010, he has shot lower four times and 59 at the 2018 Wyndham championship. Moreover, he is tied for most on the PGA Tour. 

He has got enough time to squeeze in a couple of 63s and a pair of 64s despite not playing this event year in and year out. It is in the TPC river highlands. 


Chez Reavie- $7,000

It is highly advised to pivot down to Chez Reavie and save $100 as people flock toward Mackenzie Hughes at $7,100. Reavie finished 14th at the Palmetto championship at Congaree, making his third start in succession. Not only this, but he was also amongst the tournament leaders in SG: Tee to green at last week's US Open. 

Chez will get a safe enough floor to figure among the best travelers championship DFS picks, but only if he can putt halfway decent this week in Cromwell. A top 10 finish is imminent if Reavie can warm up his flat stick and do any damage on the greens. 


Austin Eckroat- $6,600

Sticking out to roster an unheralded rookie about whom the average fan does not know about is another way for your DFS golf lineup and DFS picks. For the early part of his collegiate career, this guy roomed with Matthew Wolff in Stillwater and was stuck behind Viktor Hovland's shadow. 

There is no doubt in this that he has become a world-beater in his own right. Austin hit the ground running and arrived in Connecticut with tons of momentum, having turned professional earlier this month only. He commenced his next chapter finishing 7th and 13th on the Korn Ferry tour during the last two weeks, following his illustrious career at Oklahoma State. 

Another thing worth noting over here is that Eckroat posted a T12 at the Mayakoba Golf Classic before this season, and he also played as an amateur this season. 


Final words 

It is none other than Patrick Cantlay on the top of the FedEx Cup standings and is a thousand bucks cheaper than DJ. Sign up to get more of this. Kevin Streelman is such a great player that he can even play TPC river highlands in his sleep. Besides this, plenty of exposure should be given to Brandt Snedeker, at least $8K on the slate. Stay tuned for more DFS picks for sports betting


Know The Esports Betting Tips for 2021

Know The Esports Betting Tips for 2021

Posted on 16 Jun 2021 | Category: Betting Tips | Author: BetAdrian

If one is pursuing esports betting, then one cannot succeed without a proper esports betting strategy. Esports gaming gives real support and purpose to wagers out there. There is a sense of accomplishment and a clear goal that helps people bet more consistently and hopefully but with proper esports betting tips in place only. 

Not only this, but the esports betting strategy also ensures to make betting profitable for you. Bettors must learn that betting on esports is not based on luck. It is much more than luck. It takes wit, patience, and a consistent tactical approach to bet on esports. 

With many bookmakers now offering markets for esports betting, it is gaining popularity in different parts of the world. Bettors are competing in different matches and tournaments in different esports games. However, despite so much popularity, many people are still not aware of esports betting. Here are the complete esports betting tips for 2021 to get you started with betting. 

What is Esports betting?

Betting as a hobby is a risky venture. Only a small portion of bettors can make their living pursuing esports betting. Only the experts can make profits out of it. The experts serve as the creme da la creme in the entire esports betting industry and have achieved such heights with their sheer willpower, hard work, and dedication. 

Those who want to become successful in sports betting have well-planned strategies that help them stay at the top of the online sports betting sphere. Their success is not accidental but the outcome of their hard work, bankroll management, value-seeking, and sticking with a complex betting system. 

Due to this, rushing is never a good option. Instead, the obvious way to go in esports betting is to plan, assess your resources, and stick with an uninformed approach. No doubt that it is a time-consuming process, but you are sure to get the best results if you work this way. 

You have lots of work to do if you are dreaming of making it big through esports betting. At the behest, you should come up with an esports betting strategy. Look at some of the things that should form a crucial part of your esports betting strategy. 


Know your esports games

You should be familiar with differentiating all the major esports titles before you start betting on esports tournaments. Along with this, make your way to the main genres of esports, such as first-person shooters and multiplayer online battles. But this is not all you need to know as there is more to it. If you are damn serious about pursuing esports betting, you need to start with multiple betting strategies. 

You need to furnish yourself with knowledge of the biggest events, recent transfers, rivalries, and head-to-head matches. This is the only way to succeed in esports betting. 


Have in-depth knowledge 

Every bettor should explore the depths of online betting knowledge along with knowing the ins and outs of top esports titles. The stuff like esports betting jargon, comparing odds, FAQ, specials, and exploiting bonus all should be known to you. 

You'll gain much-needed experience, which will help you make better betting decisions as you keep on placing bets on esports betting matches. But keep in mind to take things slowly. Some great ways of learning esports-related stuff are strafe and Wikipedia. 


Look for esports betting value 

Make it a habit to always look out for the esports betting value, whether we are talking about the match winners or specials. Otherwise, your bet might not give you the greatest return. But if you look at the betting value, then it can yield you far better results. There is no doubt that these bets are riskier, but they offer more value and can get you a valuable entry in singles and accumulators. It is one of the crucial esport betting tips. 

Consequently, an effective sports betting strategy keeps an eye for high-value bets. 


Never overthink your bets 

Overthinking your bets and complicating them is the worst on the part of the bettors. Doing extensive research, comparing the data, and planning your bets is one thing but over-emphasizing them is completely different. One should not fall into this trap. 

Overthinking the bets, especially those which you have already placed, can make you counter them. But, in most cases, it is not the right thing to do. It will make you doubt your prediction skills and make you crazy. So, instead, you can do your best to make things simple and don't ponder over the already placed bets. 


Bankroll management 

Despite betting so hard, bettors don't know about bankroll management. If you are also one among them, it is time to change that. Proper bankroll management will bring an entirely different perspective in front of you on esports betting. Bankroll management is in itself an effective strategy, and it will completely change your outlook on betting. It is not at all difficult to understand bankroll management. But there are some elements that you can adjust and customize to make it a complex play. But while doing so, keep this thing in mind that it should only guide your esports betting investments and not force anything on you. 


Esports event calendar 

It is foolish to bet randomly on esports betting matches by merely looking at the esport betting tips. This will end your betting period. Instead of this, familiarize yourself with the biggest esports events so that you should come to know how to time your bets properly. 

It's not only about the biggest sports events like the international, overwatch league, or LOL world championship. It is about small esports events as well. Keeping it this way, you will always know when to expect the hot matchups and when to start saving money for the next esports bets. 


Learn about esports special bets 

Before ending up in a never-ending cycle of match-winning wagers, make sure you assess your options. You can say goodbye to a healthy bet variety among your wagers if match winners get under your skin. Every bettor needs it. Esports betting specials can make all the difference and fill in the gaps in your accumulators, whether talking about totals, players vs. player bets, handicaps, or long terms. Now and then, you might stumble upon a single worthy specimen if you are good at finding value. 


Esports betting mistakes 

After learning about the significance of esports betting tips, it's time to learn about some of the bettors' mistakes. Here are the most significant esports betting mistakes committed by most gamblers. 


Focusing on big trio 

Many of the bettors out there focus on the big trio like lol and dota2. However, they fail to realize that there are other esports titles and plenty of other opportunities to explore around. So, while focussing on the major esports titles, one should not neglect the other esports titles to improve your overall winnings. Additionally, many bettors don't know that lengthy accumulators benefit from the risk-free matches in tier B titles. 


Being overconfident 

When it is about esports betting, there is no room for complacency and overconfidence. You'll end up wasting tons of money if you go that route. Taking an esports to parlay bet while being greedy doesn't make sense. Don't push things too quickly and set your pace. Always take your time to get used to chosen esports ecosystems. This is the only way with which you stand a chance to win and earn profits. 


Esports betting sites 

The real challenge is not esports betting but finding a simple esports betting site. Unfortunately, people encountered so many problems in the past while looking for the perfect betting site, but thankfully, it is not the case now. In recent years, tons of betting sites have made their way to the people, and existing ones have also started offering esports betting. 

But you must be alert when choosing the right betting site as there are fraudulent ones too. As it is choosing the online casino or an online poker site, the same is choosing an esports betting site too. Some sites are of top quality, while others are of low quality. For an enriching betting experience, you need to distinguish between the two and opt for the best one. 


Wrapping up

After going through the esports betting tips, it will become easy for you to crack the majority of the bets and stand a chance to win handsome money. Besides this, you will make your mark like a professional sports bettors


Betting Mistakes that Professional Sports Bettors should avoid

Betting Mistakes that Professional Sports Bettors should avoid

Posted on 05 Mar 2021 | Category: Betting Tips | Author: BetAdrian

This article is meant for those who are new to science and the art of sports betting. Grabbing some of the betting basics is a must, irrespective of whether you have been making casual bets or not making bets at all. A critical field like betting comes to a perfect understanding with experience. Some inexperienced sports bettors commit such mistakes in betting, which are likely to lower their return on investment. In such a case, you must learn from such mistakes and take them as lessons. There are times when even the experienced sports bettors fall prey to these betting mistakes. Consequently, if you want to thrive for long in betting and want to become a professional sports bettor, staying disciplined is the mantra for you. 

Here are some of the mistakes that many sports bettors commit at least once in their betting career, especially in virtual sports betting

Top betting mistakes 

The only question which people have in their mind is- how does sports betting work for beginners. This article will answer all your queries related to sports betting. 

High expectations-

There are plenty of rumors spread across the sports betting industry. One of the rumors which often gets heard is that betting can make a person rich instantly. Having unrealistic expectations at the beginning only can take you on the wrong track. People are not aware that it is the sportsbooks that make huge money through the bets people place. Consequently, it's time for the reality check that you are likely to lose more money than win. Even the most adept sports bettors think about winning only the 55% share of their money placed, then how can you make such vast money when you are a beginner. It's essential to stay clear and not to have any false expectations from it. 

Betting frequently-

Keep this thing in mind that if you perceive betting as a scheme to get rich overnight, then you are bound to lose everything quickly. You should only spend that much money on betting, which you are comfortable losing. Consequently, do not put more money into betting. First, take your time to understand the game and then place bets too often. In the beginning, you should constrain yourself from placing bets frequently. Remember that betting is a long-term venture and investment and consequently makes wise decisions. 

Running after losses-

There are both possibilities in betting- either you win, or you lose. More often, you lose than win. But it does not mean that you keep on stressing over it. No doubt, you tend to lose morale when you keep on losing money on all your bets. But avoiding it will save you headaches. Make sure that you learn from the losing streaks to make winning streaks in the future. This attitude will help you achieve great strides in betting and will also invite money. 

Ignoring bankroll management-

One of the significant mistakes that bettors make is neglecting their bankroll management. They fail to make out how important it is to maintain the bankroll in betting. Even those who are masters in betting can fail if they have no idea how much they are wagering on one bet and the other. There are various bankroll management systems in place for the bettors. It does not matter which system you attend for maintaining your bankroll; what matters is that you remain disciplined in it. It refrains you from draining your bankroll and keeps you in the game. 

Criticizing luck-

Along with the game, luck also features in betting and plays a vital role. Luck is also part of the sport, and sometimes it decides whether you win or lose the bet. Owing to this fact, people very easily declare their luck responsible if they lose the bet. Blaming your luck for losing prevents you from becoming a better sports bettor. Instead of blaming your luck for the same, you should look into the matter and figure out what went wrong and what mistake you committed which made you lose the bet. In betting, always keep track of your wins and losses, which will help you improve your performance over time. 

Placing bets on every game-

Some people think that they will make a handsome amount of money by betting on nearly every game, but this is not so. Always bear in mind that value is king in betting. And betting on every game makes you overlook the value of a sport. It is not at all wise to bet on every sport. Consequently, instead of making 16 bets per week, go for two or three valuable bets and stick to those. It will also keep your bankroll intact. 

Placing bets on winners-

The majority of people commit the mistake of betting on their favorite team instead of going after the value of a game. The best sports bettors are those who look after those games which are of high value. People always bend over the winning team. Consequently, the public also tends to favor the favorites. Always remember that in betting, it is the value that matters and not the team. 


It's easy to get caught in an old saying- What have you done for me? This thing can prove very dangerous in sports betting, especially in football. Sometimes, the team can have an off week, but it doesn't mean that the team is not competitive enough, especially if the team has already proved its worth. Being far-sighted is the sign of a professional sports bettor. 

Leaving outlines/odds-

You are having money at the table if you are not looking at the sportsbooks before placing a wager. Almost all sportsbooks have similar odds and lines concerning betting, but there is a slight variation here and there. Some sportsbooks tend to push the premium on Moneyline favorites, but if this happens, there will be an extra value for the underdogs. Always place the bet on such offers which offer high value. There can be times when one sportsbook offers some lines while other sportsbooks offer different lines. Consequently, you need to be in touch with several sportsbooks to stay ahead of others in the competition and to get the best odds. 

Betting under the influence-

There are plenty of do's and don'ts in sports betting, guiding you towards pursuing sports betting. Have you ever thought about why do casinos give out free booze at the table because they are aware that under the influence of alcohol, you'll be making poor decisions? This way, they would make you pay more for your drinks and lose out on money. Consequently, do your analysis while placing bets and make wise decisions. Always make bets when you are in your senses. 

Wrapping up 

There are chances that after adhering to all these tips, you still lose most of your bets. You need to be great at analysis to beat the expert sportsbooks out there. You will lose in betting if you fall prey to any of these mistakes, in reality, irrespective of your other good skills. This will also help you to become a professional sports bettor. 


How Does Sports Betting Work for Beginners?

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Betting is almost as old as man. It is so old that even the bible has mentioned it. It is assumed that people started placing bets as soon as sports were invented. Betting is fun and confusing at the same time. You cannot begin betting unless you are entirely familiar with its terminology. It is only recently that there has been a trend of betting. Back in time, people regarded betting as a stigma, but slowly and slowly, people are getting over their conservative thinking and broadening their horizons. Apart from this, betting is also made legal in many states now. And it is the legal status only which is pushing more and more people towards betting. People want to know as much as they can about betting, especially those who are beginners in betting. Let's introduce beginners to the world of betting and make them aware of how does sports betting work. 


Basics of betting 

The basics of betting are very simple. What does bet mean is the question which troubles the people. What happens in this is that two or more parties or people agree to bet on something by predicting its outcome. Whosever prediction comes true wins the bet, and others lose it and have to pay the other person. Isn't it simple? But don't get overconfident after learning this basic thing as there is much more to it. 

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Know about sports betting

Despite the trend, many people wonder how does sports betting work? A person usually places a bet on some sporting event and places a certain amount of money on it as a bet. If your prediction proves false, then you lose the bet and also the money. There are a variety of bets to place and different places to bet also. 

Every person has a different purpose for pursuing betting. Some pursue betting for the sake of making money, while others may do it for fun and excitement purposes only. It varies from person to person. Millions of people bet on major sports events every year, and out of those, very few can make money out of it. The majority of the people make money by resorting to illegal ways. Consequently, you need to learn what is legal and what is illegal. It will keep you out of trouble throughout.


Types of betting 

There are three types of betting pursued worldwide. 

Traditional betting

Virtual sports betting 

Esports betting 


Signs used in betting 

Most probably, two signs are used in betting: plus and minus. Both the signs depict different things. A plus sign is used to denote how much the person will payout if he wins. On the contrary, the minus sign is used to know how much must be staked to win a bet. These signs are also used in point spreads betting. 

In each of the sport's contests, there is a favorite and an underdog. The favorite gives points, whereas the underdog receives points. 


Main types of bets 

The most popular types of bets are money lines and over/under bet or totals bet. 

Firstly let's talk about the Moneyline bet. According to you, it is a type of bet placed on the person who is likely to win the contest. No significant difference takes place by the runs and points a team wins. The money line bet is used to signify the odds. At first, money line bets may seem confusing to you, but you will be able to relate it once you get hold of it. 

The second popular type of bet is the over/under bet. It refers to the combined score of both teams. This bet is a great way to start with your betting as it's easy to understand this. You can use these bets to win football bets. 


Money making for sportsbooks 

The primary source of money-making for sportsbooks is the vig. It's kind of a fee you pay when you place a bet. By way of this, huge profit accrues to the sportsbook. This fee then gets converted into money line bets. And the most popular vig is the point spread vig. In these situations, there is less possibility of winning. The risk factor is more in this. When the same amount of bets is accepted by the sportsbooks, the profit is locked. 


Popular betting sites 

There are two modes of placing a bet- online and in person. For online bets, there are various betting sites available to make things easy for the people. But keep this thing in mind that before starting to place a bet, learn about the prevailing betting laws.


Steps to place a bet 

Most people have this question in mind- how does sports betting work? All those looking out for it, their search ends here. Here are the steps which will take you towards placing a perfect bet. 

Firstly, decide on the lines and the team on which you want to bet. 

Also, decide the bet- Moneyline or over/under bet. 

If you are placing a land-based bet, you go to a betting window and tell the person there the amount and the team on which you would like to bet.  In return, you will get a betting slip with your amount and team mentioned on it. 

Finally, your bet is placed. 


Tips to win football bets 

Firstly, know about the various kinds of bets and how to place them. Here are some of the tips to win football bets. 

Learn about the best online sportsbooks if you are going to place your bet online. You can avail lots of free bets and other types of bonuses. 


Decide about the amount you want to bet. The amount depends on your financial condition. A wise man only risks the amount which he can afford to lose. Sports is a dicey thing, and one cannot be sure to win every time. 

Lastly, identify your strengths and weaknesses. Keep track of your performance and move according to it only. 


Final words 

There is a thrill and fun in betting at the same time. It depends on you what you make out of it. Now you must have got an answer to your question posed in the beginning- how does sports betting work? This betting guide will surely make you a pro at betting. 


Tips to Bet on College Football Playoffs National Championship Game 2021

Tips to Bet on College Football Playoffs National Championship Game 2021

Posted on 03 Feb 2021 | Category: Betting on American Football | Author: BetAdrian

The national championship game is considered as the most wildest college football playoffs of the season. It is about to wind up on Monday evening. The teams who won in the semifinals match were Ohio State and Alabama. Now the final face-off will be between these two in the national championship game in 2021. 

The betting odds seem to be a controversial matter arousing interest in players and prop bets for the upcoming event. Prop bets are similar to NFL super bowl LVI bets. But still, there is a list to choose from for the 2021 cfp national championship game. This article will apprise you on betting odds, prop bets for the collision between Ohio State and Alabama. 

About the national championship game

The college football playoffs national championship game will occur between the buckeyes from Ohio state and Crimson Tide from Alabama and will occur at a hard rock stadium situated in Miami Gardens. The 2021 national championship is scheduled to take place on 11 January 2021. 


Betting odds from national championship game 

The opening lines betting odds for Alabama is -6.5, and Ohio is at 75.5. Moneyline betting odds for Ohio is +240, and for Alabama, it is -315. There are spread betting odds also. The spread betting odds for Ohio State is +9. Whereas for Alabama, it is -9. 


Best props for the college football playoff national championship game 

The first major significant prop bet is regarding Trey Sermon rushing and receiving yards. In the last two games, Trey Sermon has been the bright spot for Ohio State. He won his super bowl with a total of 254 yards. In contrast, Clemson followed up in the Big Ten championship game against Northwestern by securing 335 yards. In the two games, he has secured three touchdowns. In total, there were 67 touches by Sermon. If Sermon wants to go ahead with his title game, then he needs to ensure more touches. The healthy touches in the game are essential for the players. The Crimson Tide has replied to his opponents with 110.2 rushing yards. 

Things will get interesting for the Sermon and Buckeyes with the return of Master Teague in the college football playoffs of the national championship game. Master Teague was suffering from an injury in the Big Ten Game. Consequently, Sermon was thought of as the second option for Master Teague. Throughout the season, Sermon had 34 receiving yards only. It's unsure whether Teague will return or not. 

The second prop bet is regarding John Metchie receiving yards over 60.5. John Metchie is the wideout from Sophomore Alabama, and Alabama considered John Metchie as their third option as a wide receiver. His role in the game changed after Jaylen Waddle suffered an ankle injury. Since his injury, he has not returned to the field yet. After this, it's not easy to believe that he will play a full complement of snaps by staying active for the championship battle going to be held on Monday. 

Without any doubt, John Metchie is the perfect one to give a tough competition to Ohio State. No one can match his speed and elusiveness. On the other hand, the Buckeyes were doing good but allowed their opponents 280.7 yards in the season and based on per game. We are left with no option but to believe that Smith and Najee Harris will heavily influence the defensive game plan. This only could pave the way for the entry of John Metchie in the conference championship games. There are chances that he can emerge as the hero for the tide. 

Thirdly we have the Garrett Wilson receptions under 5.5. Justin Field's best game in the past has been in the sugar bowl semi finale. Chris Olave secured six receptions for the Ohio State Pass catchers. But on the other side, Luke Farell and Jeremy Ruckert also secured five catches. Justin Fields does not shy away from slinging to his tight ends. But the Buckeyes have not been competent enough to make volume in recent weeks. One such player is Garett Wilson. He could only get two passes over Clemson. It is also a fact that Wilson has not secured more than four catches in any of the games since a win over Indiana. 

The stats for the Ohio State receivers have been affected by the dominant offensive line. Much of the burden has been reduced owing to the extraordinary performance of Trey Sermon. In the semifinal, he threw 385 yards and completed 22 out of 28 pass attempts. There are no chances of Wilson exceeding his receptions in the college football playoffs national championship game. 

Best game prop in the college football playoffs national championship game 

Alabama has exceeded the first quarter line in the majority of their games. They are the national finalists now. Talking about Ohio State's performance, then we must say that it has been very lackluster this season for sure. 

Both Ohio State and Alabama have been ranked in the list of top 10 FBS in this season. Their average seems to be over 22 points in opening frames. 



The college football playoffs national championship game is a significant event. One should not underestimate its importance. Moreover, the competition sets these players' future, and consequently, one should not take it lightly. 


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Differences between Virtual sports Betting vs Esports Betting

Differences between Virtual sports Betting vs Esports Betting

Posted on 25 Jan 2021 | Category: Betting Tips | Author: BetAdrian

Due to the pandemic, many sports matches have been put on hold for an indefinite time. But online gambling has not been affected. Owing to the pandemic, people found temporary solace in online gambling and similar things. In the online gambling industry, esports betting is the significant one. Along with this, there is virtual betting also. Recently there is also a boom in virtual betting. People confuse virtual sports betting with esports betting. They consider it the same, but there is a difference between the two. Let us learn about the features, facts, and betting options in virtual and esports betting. 

About esports

Esports refers to the sports competition using video games. A video game competition is held between professional athletes. People like to bet on the esports athletes playing video games these days. It is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Moreover, the liberalization in esports betting will bring in more boom into the industry. The lockdown period increased its popularity and lured more public towards it. 


About virtual sports

In the sports industry, virtual sports betting is an innovation. In this, sports events are conducted through computer software. Virtual sports are not video games and include events like horse races and sports like soccer matches. Other virtual sports include football, dog racing, tennis, basketball, and motor sports. Virtual sports are run by artificial intelligence. 


Virtual sports betting

Many people wonder why people bet on virtual sports. People consider the other conventional sports as its alternative. Many people think that traditional sports are a better option for betting than virtual sports. There is no doubt about this. But presently, it is the betting on virtual sports that is appealing to people out there. Let us learn some of the reasons why virtual sports betting is on a high these days. 

The very first reason for betting on virtual sports is the charm that comes with it. It is more convenient to bet on virtual sports than conventional sports. People can bet on virtual sports anytime and anywhere. There are no place and time restrictions in virtual sports betting. In virtual sports betting, you always have the option of exploring the vast stats divisions, Leagues, and computer-generated stats. There is a wide variety in this for people owing to which people are getting more attracted towards virtual sports betting. 

Secondly, there is minimum human interaction involved in virtual sports betting. Virtual sports is the closed-off AI ecosystem. Only the programming and software updates are there. At the same time, esports features professional athletes. In this virtual sport, you seem like an external figure who is investing money in expected outcomes. 

The third reason responsible for virtual sports betting is the significant events. There are no big events in this. These constantly run as there is no stress about missing big events. 

Lastly, there are numerous betting options in virtual sports. Usually, the betting options depend on the type of sport on which you are betting. All the conventional sports betting options are available in virtual sports too. In this, there is also the option of live betting. Betting seems profitable when it is done during the world championship

Esports betting

After having done with virtual sports betting, let us now talk about esports betting. Esports betting is growing continuously like a wildfire. But there are some reasons behind it. Let's learn about the reasons which prompt people to esports betting. 

The first primary reason is popularity. Back in time, people were not familiar with esports betting. They found the idea of betting on people playing video games crazy enough. It sounded like a mockery to them. But here we are betting on esports. Presently it is acknowledged as one of the fastest-growing industries with vast popularity. People consider it as their favorite pastime. 

Secondly, there are the most prominent esports titles. Many people wonder what the esports titles on which they can bet are. . Each one of these has higher viewership numbers and vibrant communities. Esports betting is not a temporary trend. It's going to last for long. 

Then there are the betting options in esports betting. As per titles, betting options vary. Most betting options are stats friendly. Live betting option is the amazing thing in esports betting. With each passing day, the betting opportunities are increasing. Esports betting shows no signs of stopping and is on a high only. 


Virtual and esports betting are entirely different from each other. Both are flourishing and growing at a nice pace and are healthy. Which is better-virtual or esports depends upon your betting experience. We have apprised you about both virtual and esports betting. Now it depends on you to select the best for yourself. 

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